Coming to a liquor store near you, fireball recently debuted a new $60 dollar box for all your binge drinking needs. The box contains two 1.75L pouches (about 55 standard shots) so now there’s no fear of ever running out of the sweeter than hell cinnamon booze. I’m sure that college students won’t at all abuse the nozzle feature, and definitely won’t take extended ‘pulls’ while being goaded by their peers.

Yeah, that totally won’t happen at all.

Fireball is a rapidly growing choice for young people across America. They owe a large part of their success to aggressive marketing in college towns. Upgrading (or, rather downgrading?) to boxed liqour communicates they really value their college market.

Check out some twitter posts from revelers already excited about the release:

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe 🌿😂 @fireballwhisky #FireBox

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Some of the best nights are spent IN, with the ones you love ❤️ @michrinna @firemanimal #firebox #fireball #ugh

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