Fireball, the cinnamon-flavored whiskey that Pitbull so famously loves, is apparently one of the most popular spirits in a lot of states.

This news comes from drinking app BARTENDr, which analyzed data from 700,000 users in an effort to determine which liquors are the most popular in each state. They found that the two most common brands to hold sway in all states were Jack Daniels and Fireball Whisky. Fireball was either first, or tied with Jack Daniels for first, in 15 states. (Fifteen!) There was no regional theme to this admission: The liquor was the top choice in states ranging from Maine and Alaska to Arkansas and Minnesota.

See for yourself:

Forty-two states in all named some brand of whiskey as their most popular.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Fireball Whisky was a liqueur and not whiskey, but, by law, it is classified as flavored whiskey.