I’m no expert, but if you do something that purposefully wrongs people, bragging about it on social media is the easiest way to get caught. Such was the case with doofus chef Alex Lambert, who, for starters, doesn’t exactly scream clean and tolerant in the above picture. Moving beyond his general appearance of every bar’s resident bro-perv, Lambert is in the headlines because, according to his Instagram account, his favorite pastime is “feeding vegans animal products and them not knowing.“

Lambert previously held the title of head chef at Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby, UK. When his hilariously overconfident post when viral, the blasted chef backtracked and said they were untrue. He was only aiming to rile up a vegan he was bickering with.

Naturally, once viral, the hotel’s Facebook page immediately became home to every variation of a pissed-off one-star review. While the hotel initially defended Lambert as somebody who acted poorly "in a heated moment,” backing him up that there wasn’t any truth to his boasting, he was suspended. Then, because the online world is a furious one and the hotel’s reputation was largely on the line very publicly, he was fired.

The hotel is bouncing back by adding more vegan items to its menu, which has satisfied everyone (but Lambert).