Well, someone finally did it. Someone finally made something wih 3D printing that seemed like a really cool party trick — a damn motorcycle. It’s called the Light Rider, which is the effective amount of cool that should be assigned to something this bitchin’, and I hope they start custom 3D-printing killer shades and sweet jackets to go along with it soon.

An subsidiary of Airbus, APWorks is responsible for the Light Rider, “probably the world’s lightest motorcycle.” Only 77 pounds, the slick ride is aluminum and “Scalmalloy,” the team’s name for their custom aluminum alloy powder that’s almost as strong as titanium.

The (light) rider can swap out the bike’s battery, which scores 35 miles per charge, and the two-wheeled charm can do up to 50 mph. It’s nearing that critical point where it’ll be more option than experiment. APWorks will build 50, snagging a tag of €50,000 ($56,100) each. But right now, you only need €2,000 ($2,200) to make a deposit. I mean, that’s a relatively small price to pay to feel like you own something Wayne Enterprises would produce.