What do you get when you mix Deadwood’s Ian McShane, Broadway’s Kristin Chenoweth and Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller? The answer is Starz’s adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods, and if you weren’t already looking forward to this show, prepare to get very excited indeed.

The new glimpse at the series, which launches next month, showcases Gaiman’s complicated modern-world mythology. According to the story’s premise, gods are powered by the belief of humanity, so their existence ebbs and flows according to the world around them.

The trailer doesn’t go into depth about the actual plot of the series, but it does offer pyrotechnics both of the visual kind—what is with those doors in a desert?—and via some acting chops, as well. McShane is in fine form as Mr. Wednesday, the former Odin who acts as father figure to the show’s protagonist, the wonderfully named Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle).

Also set to appear in the series: Dane Cook, Gillian Anderson (as the personification of the media) and Lost’s Jeremy Davis, playing none other than Jesus. Hence the show’s name, I suppose.

American Gods premieres April 30.