Beer has a history of sneaking its way into sports. People thrive on competition and they dig a good buzz. It’s why sloshball and beer pong exist. And now it’s why the San Francisco Beer Mile World Classic now exists.

The inagural event was held Saturday on Treasure Island, with about 300 drinker-runners, ranging from physical therapists to web developers.

The goal: Run a mile-long race.

The challenge: Chug a beer every lap.

The rules: Alcohol content of drinks has to be 5 percent or higher. If you puke, you run a penalty lap.

A spread of races balances things out a bit, with runs for those older than 40 and men who weigh more than 200 pounds. Regardless of gender and body type, the risk of headaches and upchucks applies to all.

“Making sure just to burp and not to puke is very difficult, said Alex Carney, a 25-year-old graduate student.

It’s a serious event with smiling athletes/sort-of athletes who understand the insanity of it all. But that doesn’t stop the hosts from tracking run times and awarding trophies (that feature a beer holder).

Now we need to up the ante with sports like beer-javelin, beer-pole-vaulting, beer-discus-throwing…actually, just add beer to all sports, thanks.

[via The San Francisco Chronicle]