A few weeks back we released our Best of Show list for the 2012 Paris Auto Show, but with so many beautiful and deserving vehicles present, it was inevitable that more than a few we would have liked to highlight didn’t get their chance in the spotlight. One of these fantastic sets of wheels was the gorgeous new four-seat convertible from Maserati in its international debut, the 2013 GranCabrio MC.

An inspired design resulting from the success and popularity of the recent GranTurismo MC Stradale sedan, this new MC variant shares similar styling and features with the standard GranCabrio (GC) and GC Sport but takes a more streamlined approach. The revised front façade (lifted in part from the Stradale) allows the vehicle to optimize the aerodynamic lift coefficient (10 and 20 percent lower at the front and back, respectively) and contributes to better flow, a positive side-effect of Maserati’s expertise and research in racing. The vehicle dimensions have been modified from the models to accommodate the changes, including an extra 48 mm of length. The back spoiler has been designed for increased negative lift when hitting top speeds.

On the interior, the MC has been subject to a custom makeover, specifically targeting a redesign for both aesthetic and ergonomic functionality. The new body-hugging seats allow for additional leg room and supreme comfort which will come in handy for those long highway treks you’ll want to enjoy for hours at a time. The steering wheel has been modified to a more flat top and bottom design for handling and comfort—extremely enjoyable for those who would rather not bump their knees while taking a cliff corner at speeds we’d rather not disclose. Though we’re glad the beast contains the now-common “manual” paddles, some joy-seekers will be craving the stick shift on this baby.

Along with an overhauled suspension system with (again Stradale-inspired) single dampers for those sportier moments on the road which make you feel half your age, the MC’s technical aspects are no child’s play with a powerful 460-horse 4.7-liter eight-cylinder under the dual-intake hood, which has been exclusively calibrated to be the crown jewel in the GC range. While the aforementioned paddle shifters are easy enough to use, Maserati is offering up five modes which can take you from driving it like a Toyota Camry with Auto-Normal mode to the Manual-Sport and Ice mode where you can really master the art on a “truly manual gearbox.” When it comes to pure power, the 383.5 lb.-ft. of torque (at 4,750 rpm) really pushes the vehicle, and for that extra boost put up the soft top for a zero-to-sixty spring in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of almost 180 mph!

Check it out at http://www.maseratigrancabriomc.com/