Fargo was one of last year’s most pleasant TV surprises, and those of us swept off our feet by Season 1 can’t wait to see if Season 2 keeps up the same level of brilliance. Like Season 1, Season 2 will tell its own relatively self-contained story, but it will take us all the way back to 1979, when lawman Lou Solverson (played by Keith Carradine in Season 1 and played by Patrick Wilson now) dealt with something that took place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The older Lou mentioned it more than once in Season 1, and if it’s half as crazy as what we saw last year, I can’t wait to see that tale fully told.

The first teaser for Season 2 is almost maddeningly vague. It’s little more than a bird and the sound of gunshots, but you can bet we’ll all be combing every frame of it for meaning until we get more.

Fargo returns in September on FX.