If you’re looking at the ever-expanding summer TV season and wondering which new shows to stake your time on this year, Netflix’s GLOW is looking more and more like a very safe bet. The show’s pedigree–it’s a descendant of both Orange is the New Black and Nurse Jackie–is promising, its cast is awesome and the first photos were full of ‘80s detail. Now the first trailer is here to back up all that early buzz.

Alison Brie stars as Ruth, a struggling actress in search of a meaty role. Sick of auditoning to be a secretary, she takes a chance and ends up in a band of women trying out for “GlOW” (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, inspired by the real '80s promotion of the same name) in the hope of getting a shot at stardom. The women are a combination of actresses, athletes, models and misfits but they all seem to feel like they can belong. Then, Ruth’s chance to be a star is challenged by the arrival of Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin), another actress ready to take the limelight.

Though a workplace rivalry is certainly budding, the trailer for GLOW ultimately focuses on the unlikely sisterhood that forms between these women. In that way, you can see the DNA of Orange is the New Black more or less immediately. But then the series seems to go further, incorporating plenty of '80s madness to tell a story of fierce empowerment. Add in cursing, cocaine and angry Marc Maron and this has all the makings of 2017’s hottest summer show.

GLOW premieres June 23.