A whole new type of gym rat is coming to the manimal kingdom. Power Plant Fitness is the world’s first weed-friendly gym and it’s set to open in San Francisco. The goal of such a venture is to merge athletics and cannabis to promote a more balanced workout of body and mind.

This is not a new kind of venture for Power Plant Fitness’s founders, Ricky Williams and Jim McAlpine. Williams is a retired NFL player and McAlpine founded The 420 Games, which continues to “destigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.” It actually sounds like my kind of fitness crowd, given that the Games include music and beer tasting in addition to a fun run.

Members of Power Plant Fitness can vape and eat edibles accordingly on premise. But actually lighting up a joint: not so much, due to local law. I mean, hey, you’re still smoking indoors. However, if there’s anyone who might change someone’s mind, it’s probably McAlpine, an activist who recently spoke with Complex.

“I felt ashamed of my lifestyle to some degree. I have learned to flip that around. Now I wear my lifestyle as a badge of honor.”

In a press release for Power Plant Fitness, McAlpine again laid out his determination.

“Interest is extremely high and people are eager to come away from an era of prohibition and misinformation, into an enlightened time where they can live their lives the way they feel is appropriate, without fear of judgment or even worse, going to jail. It’s an awesome thing to see mainstream media writing about us in such a positive light, another sign that the times are changing for the better.”

Hell yes. Time to puff and get buff.

H/t Complex