Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari (that name could not be anymore Italian) caught this 8.75 foot, 280 pound monster catfish last Thursday along the Po River.

According to Ferrari’s sponsor company Sportex, the behemoth fish took forty minutes to reel in with a spinning reel. Making it a record for such fishing tackle.

Here’s the crazy part though… this isn’t the biggest catfish caught in the Po River! The record belongs to the wels catfish at 298 pounds. What the hell are you putting in your water to turn all your fish into mutants, Italy?

If your dream is to snare your very own Godzilla fish, you’re out of luck, because Ferrari is keeping his fishing spot a secret. Though, if you’re looking, the town on the Po River with the most “missing dog” posters may be a good place to start.

Fear not creature lovers, this story has a happy ending. According to Sportex, the fish was released back into the river after being weighed and having its picture taken.