The nearly 7-foot Russian mutant we know as Colossus packs a lot of manpower. Never has this been truer than his most recent on-screen appearance. Though portrayed by Daniel Cudmore in previous films in the X-Men franchise, Colossus’s more recent outing in Deadpool carried some serious weight, because it took five guys.

Five different dudes can claim at least a percentage of responsibility for portraying Deadpool’s Colossus. At the colossal core of the otherwise humble Piotr “Peter” Rasputin is Andre Tricoteux, the 6'9" actor who rocked the gray tracking suit (and platform shoes at times) to get the movements down.

But his movements weren’t always those of the impossibly agile giant we know him to be, so enter actor T.J. Storm for swifter motion capture.

But his face wasn’t the cartoonishly chiseled mug of a heroic mutant strongman, so enter stuntman Glenn Ennis for facial inspiration too.

But then, hey, his voice wasn’t quite the right balance of gentle and decisive, so enter Serbian actor Stefan Kapičić for overdubbing.

But, even then, his expressions weren’t as noticeably compassionate and controlled, so enter motion capture supervisor Greg LaSelle for facial performance.

Deadpool has some overall astounding post-production work, but the necessity of five dudes to piecemeal-assemble Colossus vibes like that of Hollywood lore. It paid off though—the whole effort entirely, I mean—because Deadpool is straight killing it at the box office.