Yes, it’s always easier to hire someone to fix your stuff when it’s broken. But then you’ll be robbed of the sense of accomplishment of doing a job well-done. Just take a look at the amazing karma this guy received for trying to fix his own door (along with what we assume was his internal monologue during the ordeal).

Damn, I have to fix this door myself

Gotta tear this whole thing apart

What the heck is that?

That doesn’t belong there…

Let’s take that thing out

It’s a bag, let’s open this thing up

Oh shit, this can’t be good

Let’s cut these babies open

Wait a second, there’s money in here

A whole shitload of money

I’m fucking rich!

Yeah, just wait until he finds out where all that money came from. There’s probably some Tony Montana-types looking for that.

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.