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Michigan Mayor Wants To Ban ‘Personal Flamethrowers’ Because America Is A Fascist Dictatorship

Michigan Mayor Wants To Ban ‘Personal Flamethrowers’ Because America Is A Fascist Dictatorship: Via


Ion Productions Team, a company located just outside Detroit, plans to sell the first commercially available handheld flamethrower next month. That is, unless some do-nothing commie fascist politician gets his way.

James Fouts, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, and an obvious pawn of the New World Order, is trying to ban the flamethrowers under the guise of public safety.

“This has very deadly potential for a deadly disastrous result, with no benefit,” said Fouts. “I think the biggest fear people have is the fear of being burned alive.”

My biggest fear is not being able to use a flamethrower to protect my family from dangerous thugs, Mr. Mayor. So don’t put words in my mouth.

And as for flamethrowers having “no benefit,” maybe you should educate yourself on the subject by listening to Ion Productions CEO Chris Byars.

As Byars points out, these handheld flamethrowers have all sorts of practical uses, such as controlling weeds, removing insects, starting bonfires, or clearing snow.

Why don’t you want us to remove snow, Mr. Mayor? Does your brother own a snowplow company? What’s your endgame?

“Anyone can buy a gas can and a set of matches, too, and cause harm,” Byars said. “There’s laws on the books already for causing harm to others/property. There’s no need for additional restrictions. Is Mayor Fouts going to prevent kitchen knife ownership because of the chance that a child could use one?”

Exactly. People die in their sleep all the time, but no one goes around trying to outlaw beds. So why should a handheld device that shoots 25-foot streams of fire be treated any differently?

(Source: WGNO)

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