We’re currently living in a society fascinated by the prospect of combining two foods to create one different food. The latest example of this food splicing trend is the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bagel, which combines–well, you get the idea.

The bakery responsible for this carb-loaded monstrosity is New Jersey-based The Bagel Nook. The shop, who sells out every day, has become known for their suspicious yet delicious bagel concoctions. The Nook’s experimentation began with the Dorito bagel, which led to other fan favorites like the Fruity Pebbles bagel, the Coco Puff bagel and, not to be outdone, the uber-indulgent Oreo bagel.

“We first started with a savory spinach garlic, then decided that was too common,” owner Alex Berkowitz says of his latest creation. “We then needed to up the ante with savory and hot. So the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto with ghost pepper cream cheese was introduced.”

If you’d prefer to keep your mouth intact, you might want to steer clear of that ghost pepper cream cheese. Berkowitz recommends the Cool Ranch cream cheese for those who’d prefer to tone things down.

For the curious: yes, those fortunate enough to get their hands on one will get the full Cheetos experience, powdered fingers and all. The bagel is made with actual Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on the inside and outside.

The celebrated bagel is fresh on the heels of yet another spliced food, namely, the Chizza, KFC’s successor to the Double Down. In case the portmanteau wasn’t obvious, the Chizza is a mix of chicken and pizza, where KFC’s famous fried chicken serves as the crust of a personal-sized pie. Unfortunately, these babies are only available in Asia. Sorry to break the bad news so late after the announcement. But, if past business practices are reflective of future, if the menu item performs well over there, we could expect to see it in these parts a few months down the road. Since that’s the case, here’s hoping this same theory applies to The Bagel Nook.