There is a book that my kids love called Dragons Love Tacos and every time I read it to them, I think to myself “I love tacos, too.” While I am happy to consume tacos from a truck, street cart, or restaurant, I am reluctant to make them at home because, well, making tortillas is a pain in the ass.

That’s the problem that the Flatev device aims to solve. In the same way that all startups have to be the “[Insert successful company name] of X,” the Flatev is the Keurig of tortillas. Instead of coffee, dough made from corn flour is packaged in pods that can be inserted into a machine and then, at the push of a button, fully formed tortillas come out from a tray at the bottom.

After launching a prototype with a viral YouTube video a couple years ago, the company is almost ready to release its finalized product. It enlisted Fred Bould, a product designer with a history at Nest and GoPro, to come up with the final design. The bulbous shape and matte grey color is inspired by the volacanic stone bowls used to grind corn in Mexico.

The Flatev will cost between $250 and $300 when it launches on Kickstarter later this year and is expected to start shipping in 2017.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.