One recent afternoon, U.K. farm manager Nellie Budd noticed her flock of sheep were acting a little bit weird. They had spent the day stumbling around making strange noises.

Budd told Metro U.K. that when she went to check on them she thought someone had dumped some rubbish in the field where they were grazing.

Turns out it was marijuana. And a lot of it. By the time Budd—which is a funny name to have involved in a story about weed—realized what it was, the sheep had eaten seven bags of marijuana worth about $6,420.

“I have no idea how they got there,” Budd says. “It’s right next to a road and the footpath is quite open.”

Police took away the remainder of the drugs but think it might be tough to figure out where they came from, since the sheep had eaten so much of the evidence. Also, sheep are not snitches.

Budd said she didn’t think there had been any negative side effects to the sheep, but promised to update the press if she got high from eating the sheep’s meat.

Remember guys—drugs are baaaaaaaad. (Nailed it.)