This is Logan Hale, a 21-year-old idiot from Florida who thought it would be a good idea to break into someone’s home and steal a few things. However, instead of staying quiet about he, he decided it would be a good idea to taunt the police that they couldn’t catch him.

After the break in, Hale took to Facebook stating:

However, Hale wasn’t alone in the act. His accomplice, Tyler Thornton, was also caught shortly after Logan’s online escapade. Luckily, these police officers have a good sense of humor and decided they’d have a little fun messing with Hale, after his arrest, by tweeting:

This is probably more entertaining for the police and residents of Hale and Thornton’s Florida town rather than newsworthy. Apparently, both Hale and Thornton have been jailed five times before. And at this rate, we’re pretty sure their hopes of a “bright future” are long gone.