Win or lose, boxer Floyd Mayweather is going to earn nine figures for his May 2 fight against Manny Pacquiao. According to one number that has been thrown around, Mayweather could earn $180 million for the bout, although we won’t know for certain until all the pay-per-view money is counted. Whatever the final amount ends up being, Mayweather will certainly retain his status as the world’s highest paid athlete.

Another certainty is that Mayweather, whose self-proclaimed nickname is “Money May” and who calls his crew “The Money Team,” won’t let that money burn a hole in his pocket or sit around in a bank. Mayweather likes to make money and he likes to spend it. To the victor go the spoils, and the undefeated champ has never been shy about reaping the rewards that his massive paydays afford him or showing off his big boy toys on Instagram for all of his 5.6 million followers to enjoy (or hate on.)

We went through Mayweather’s Insta posts to find the 10 most over-the-top purchases that the champ has made.

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The Hermés Haut A Courroies (HAC, for short) bag has been around since the late 19th century and was originally designed to carry saddles for equestrians. It’s larger than the more famous Birkin bag and is thus preferred by a certain type of guy (Pharrell has one). A standard leather version can cost more than 10 grand and a custom crocodile or leather version can easily go for four times that amount. Of course, Floyd has two.

Time is money, now WATCH us make it. I like to call these special time pieces "Wrist Art" @liljamez @moneyyaya @kingkoraun @zion_mayweather @melissiarene @badmedina @thatjessilee @rickibrazil @theharlemhotboy @jamielynn @lizahernandez23 @ikitchie @21tmt @icedoutbarber @jaybling @bigboymansion @1_shot @leonardellerbe @mayweatherpromotions @davidllevi @lapistolpete @rmg1 @shots @themoneyteam @chefism @beckiekb @littlerockrod @badoujack @jleonlove @kobellows @doitallbob @andrewomotundetabiti @ladarius_miller @chrispearson_yk @saan58_ @landlord702 @rodneyjerkins @ben.shamoon @ronaldgavril @therealdonone @ishe_sugarshay_smith @ashleytheopane @kevinnewman_ii @mickeybeytmt @latondriajones @thinkindia @iamfamousj @youngmoneymar @lilromediddy @thececeshow @tmtcashflow @sammy @johnny @bigpat_lv @greg_larosa_tmt @jizzymack @bigchurch71 @cuzzo_therealbigfrankii @alicialaurenz @justinray05 @lil_tokyo @bigbull_mamboyz @brucethedriver @diggsfoe @swansonpr @themoneyteam_aj @moneysl @brucesontmt @fusionluxurymotors @courtscornerla

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For most guys looking to stunt, getting a luxury watch with diamonds set into the bezel or maybe a couple added to the dial is enough. For Mayweather, that’s child’s play. (Literally, it’s easy to imagine him giving a “starter” watch like that to one of his kids.) Money May showed off four timepieces that had so many diamonds—on the bezel, on the dial, on the bracelet—that they were almost unrecognizable from the originals. There’s an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore bookending this video, which start at $14,000 for a steel model. Diamond-encrusted ones like Mayweather’s easily cost more than a million. Also, notice that each watch rests comfortably on a stack of $100 bills.

Named after Ferrari’s founder, only 400 Enzos were made starting in 2002. It is still considered one of the finest supercars ever made. The Enzo is basically a street-legal Formula 1 race car. With such a limited quantity, Enzo owners aren’t likely to part with them, but when they do change hands, the selling price can hit $3 million, which makes its original base price of $650,000 seem like a bargain.

Never let it be said that Mayweather doesn’t share the wealth. For his son Koraun’s 15th birthday, Mayweather wanted to get him a new set of wheels. But since his son is too young to have a driver’s license, Mayweather got him the next best thing, a golf cart designed to look like a Bentley Continental. While not exactly the same, a similar customized vehicle from Luxury Carts starts at $17,000 plus options. And you know Mayweather got all the options. This is just the beginning for Koraun, too. Mayweather ended his caption for this post by saying, “Stay on the lookout for his gift for his 16th birthday.”

Mayweather is renowned for his footwork in the ring. His footwork out of the ring isn’t too shabby either. The champ built himself a custom sneaker closet to house his impressive collection of Christian Louboutin kicks, which can range from $895 to nearly $3,000. When he posted this photo, Mayweather lamented that his closet could only hold 80 pairs, which means he has well over 100 grand in shoes in this closet alone.

When you’ve got as much money as Mayweather, you swim in more expensive waters, literally and figuratively. You’re not going to dry yourself off with some crusty beach towel with an image of a lady in a bikini printed on it. No, no. Mayweather removes moisture with monogrammed Louis Vuitton towels, which cost $590 a pop. Wonder if he has Louis toilet paper too.

Custom made 24KT Gold TMT Edition iPhone 5S. A gift from a special friend… Thanks Marc! 1 of 1.

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When you’re posting some of the most extravagant items money can buy to Instagram, you need an extravagant phone to snap the pics. Mayweather received a 24-carat gold iPhone 5S last year from London’s Gold & Co.. Sure, having an iPhone plated in gold adds some weight, but Mayweather can afford a butler to tote it around for him. We’re guessing Mayweather has since upgraded to the iPhone 6, for which Gold & Co.’s offerings started at $5,000 and went all the way up to a $130,000 version with 4,000 hand-set diamonds.

You know that Ace Hood song that goes, “I woke up in a new Bugatti”? Well, Mayweather can do that for days straight without waking up in the same car. Mayweather’s recent Bugatti haul includes a Veyron Grand Sport (price: $3 million) and two “regular” Veyrons ($1.6 million each). The Grand Sport is one of the fastest roadsters in the world with a top speed of 254 mph. That’s fast, but not as fast as that other vehicle in the background. Which brings us to…

Perhaps the single most expensive item that Mayweather owns is his #AirMayweather private jet. The Gulfstream G450 holds 14 passengers and features all the over-the-top accoutrements we’ve come to expect from him. And Mayweather isn’t shy about firing up the plane. When the mood strikes him to go shopping in a different state, he’ll hop aboard without any luggage just to buy more stuff.

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While not a purchase per se, Mayweather is as fond of showing off the actual currency he uses to conduct all his spending as he is the actual items. There isn’t much more to say about that, other than that is a crap-ton of money.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.