You hear lots of stories about people who, despite having fabulous wealth, are still extremely cheap. Warren Buffett is consistenly ranked among the world’s richest men, but still lives in the same house in Omaha, Nebraska that he purchased for $31,500 more than 50 years ago. It isn’t limited to old rich guys. Not only does Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have an affinity for basic clothes, the social network billionaire also drives simple cars like the $26,000 Volkswagen GTI. Floyd Mayweather is not one of those rich guys.

The boxing champion goes out of his way to spend money. He likes to post pictures of himself counting it and spending it on Instagram. His freewheeling financial ways extend to his grooming habits. Mayweather has the simplest hairstyle a man can have, a shaved head, yet he still spends $1,000 to have his hair cut. Mayweather’s barber, Jackie Starr, began cutting the champ’s hair in 2009 and is now the only person to touch the his scalp. (Mayweather haters, myself included, would argue that includes opponents of the notoriously contact-averse boxer.)

It isn’t just that Mayweather pays a lot for a single haircut, it’s how frequently he gets them.

“I cut his hair two times a week, three times is pushing it, but then it also depends on the occasion,” Starr told TMZ. “If he’s in training I will cut him Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

I was never in the game to compete with other barbers. Competition wasn’t on my mind. Building a solid clientele and making at least $500 a day was my mission. I started barber school in 98. My daughter @shapedbyre was only eight years old then. She’s now twenty six. I was a single mom working and going to school. I moved to Las Vegas in 2001. The same year I met @floydmayweather we were friends years before I started cutting his hair in 2009. Back then it was word of mouth. We didn’t have social media to show off the talent and skills like we have today. I look back over my life and I take the time out every night and every day to say to my God, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! #tbt @barbershopconnect #stayicedout #itsjstarr #barbershopconnect #masterbarber ##barbersince98 #barberlove #barbergang #femalebarber #barbersarehiphop #barberworld

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That means that Mayweather can spend $3,000 a week just on his hair, which equals $156,000 a year. By contrast, a Wahl Balding Clipper costs $41.86.

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