I think hoverboards are a rad idea, but, up until very recently, they’ve always been just that, an idea. Sure, there were those unsafe, uncool “hoverboards” on wheels that made everyone on them look like an insufferable pop viner, but actual true heirs to the legit hoverboard namesake are getting slicker, smoother, and smaller—and the latest one is making pretty serious headlines.

Invented by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard Air just set the world record for longest hoverboard flight of all time at 7,388 feet. That’s nearly times farther than last year’s record by Catalin Alexandru Duru on a much larger board.

This realm isn’t all that familiar for Zapata, the man also behind the Flyboard, which was sort of like party boots hooked up to a firehouse. The Flyboard Air, however, is all on its own in the sky, hyped as being able to hit 93 miles per hour and a height of 10,000 feet.

Don’t expect this in your hands yet. Things are a long way off from any scenario resembling that, not to mention Zapata, a watersports veteran, suggesting that at least 50 hours of the Flyboard would be necessary before skating skies in the Flyboard Air.

H/t Engadget