If their brand new video is any indication, Foo Fighters have decided to embrace their roles as alternative rock’s elder statesmen. “Run” is the band’s first new music since 2015, and finds them in full thrasher mode. These are not dudes who plan on going quietly into the good night.

The video, directed by Dave Grohl himself, is their not-so-subtle way of telling us that despite their age, they can still rock harder and heavier than anyone else in the game. It begins with the band in full old man prosthetics, as they kick off a rock show in a retirement home under the watchful eye of a draconian nurse played by Missi Pyle.

But once they get the song’s opening niceties out of the way, “Run” morphs into a blood-curdling, head-banging rock anthem, and things in the retirement go haywire. We mean that in the best possible way.

As the band circles their 25th anniversary, they seem eager to confront their place in the rock landscape. We all remember when in 2012, a drunken Grohl gave an anti-EDM Grammy acceptance speech, and said “the human element of music is what’s important,” and that it’s “not about what goes on in a computer.”

Since then, Grohl has been the unofficial gatekeeper of rock music, and based on his band’s new single, he takes that role very seriously. With the recent passing of Chris Cornell, Grohl feels like one of the last remaining bastions of an increasingly bygone era. “Run” proves that he’s more than happy to carry that torch.

Watch the video below, and look for the Foo Fighters to release a brand new album later this year.