“A New Awakening” - Star Wars Episode IV and VII Shot Comparison from Zachary Antell on Vimeo.

J. J. Abrams did what I largely thought was impossible, which was leave people stoked on a Star Wars sequel trilogy. Sure, the hype was there beforehand—hell, in October, I myself plotted to kill November to get to December sooner—but big hype, especially on the bonkers level this was, can sometimes make expectations so unreasonable that even a marginally good movie can blow up bad nerves on social media. But that wasn’t the case, both in delivery and reception. Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force Awakens was solid and people (for the most part) dug it, and part of that, as many pointed out, is thanks to its similarities to what made everyone fall in love with the saga of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away in the first place. However, in a new video by Zachary Antell, you can finally see juuuuuust how similar Episode IV and Episode VII were.