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Former Disney Star Brenda Song Shows Off Her Very Grown Up Look

I’ve actually never seen an episode of the popular Disney show Suite Life Of Zack & Cody. After some simple research, I was able to get the gist of it, though. Basically, for those who aren’t aware, the show is about two bratty identical twin boys who live in a hotel. Imagine living in a hotel? Never having to clean? Constantly having your tiny shampoo re-stocked? Ah, life certainly would be sweet. Wait a second… “sweet”… “suite”…. OHHHH! GOOD ONE, DISNEY!

Anyways, there was one hidden gem on this show. Actress Brenda Song, who was just a teenager when the show started, played the role of Tipton hotel’s ditzy heiress London Tipton. Since then, Brenda has certainly grown up. She’s now 27 and looking quite, uhm, adult. She recently did a super sexy photo shoot with photographer Aris Jerome.

Brenda also has some pretty fantastic pics on her own Instagram page. I know what you’re about to ask, and yes, there are bikini pics.

BTS😝😊 #iphoneshot

A photo posted by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on

My face=😁 hahaha having way too much fun with @collinstark @jessicastark_ ♥️

A photo posted by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on

😝☺️ @collinstark @jessicastark_

A photo posted by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on

🌊☀️ @collinstark @jessicastark_

A photo posted by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on

Shameless mirror selfie😔😝

A photo posted by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on

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