A former University of Cincinnati police officer, Ray Tensing, pleaded not guilty this morning to charges of voluntary manslaughter and murder in the July 19 shooting death of Samuel Dubose.

After Judge Megan Shanahan set Tensing’s bond at $1 million, several people inside the courtroom applauded. The judge quickly called the room to order and demanded that everyone remain civil.

This news comes after Hamilton Country Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the charges earlier this week. He added he was shocked when he first saw the video of the traffic stop shooting because he did not believe Dubose had acted aggressively toward the officer.

Ray Tensing. Photo via CNN

Ray Tensing. Photo via CNN

On July 19, Tensing fatally shot Dubose after pulling him over for a missing license tag. The officer said he was forced to fire after almost being run over. However, Tensing was wearing a body camera that captured the shooting and Tensing telling other officers, “I think I’m OK. He was just dragging me. I thought I was going to get run over. I was trying to stop him.”

Tensing was fired from his job and turned himself in shortly after the news of an indictment broke.

Deters added:

I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer make—totally unwarranted. It’s an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. It was senseless.

Tensing’s next court date will be August 19.


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