Everyone knows at least one person who opted out of the 9 to 5 to pursue some insanely expensive backpacking trip across Europe or tried to start some wacky business idea on their own. But it’s not everyday you hear about someone giving up a comfortable job in the city to travel around the country in a beat-up van and spending their days building the most insane treehouse you’ll ever see.

Foster Huntington ditched a corporate job at Ralph Lauren in N.Y.C. in the summer of 2011 and embarked on a journey that would even grab the attention of The New York Times. After settling down on his family’s land in Washington’s Columbia Gorge, he built the ultimate dream pad with his buddies.

Called ‘The Cinder Cone,’ the compound is just about complete and now consists of multiple badass treehouses with yes, a hot tub and a giant skate bowl.

Also a freelance photographer, Huntington uses the unique home for backdrops for advertisements for his popular blog and other work. He’s also coming out with a book about his crazy adventures appropriately titled 'Bro-Topia,’ meant to inspire others to ditch the real world and go play in the woods. Nothing like inventing your own dream job.

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