If you were to rattle off the various aspects of James Bond and his Playboy lifestyle, it would be an insult to suggest that Bond’s taste for anything on wheels (or high heels, for that matter) is anything but sexy, stylish, powerful and, most importantly, packing some heat.

Throughout the now-23 official Bond escapades, Bond, his girls and his classic villains have commandeered some of the most beautiful and iconic vehicles in the world, some of which have become famous specifically as “Bond Cars.” While the British franchise—like all British franchises—tends to rely on vehicles born and bred in England, a few outsiders have somehow made the cut.

But beyond pure design and popularity contests—which, after 50 years, have been compiled countless times—we believe that power in the Ian Fleming universe comes down to much more than the total number of engine horses, though that never hurts. For the release of Skyfall this weekend, we’ve put together a selection of the most dangerous vehicles 007 has ever driven—really, what good will an extra 50 horsepower do when a rocket launcher happens to emerge from a vehicle’s grille? Check these out and tell us which one you’d most like to get behind the wheel of (and perhaps push a button or two).


Image courtesy of Jaguar-Land Rover. *JAGUAR XKR*

*Current Price: *$15-20K

Film: Die Another Day (2002)

Driver: Zao (Rick Yune)

Weapons & Modifications: *Hood and front grille machine guns, door missiles, rear-mounted gattling gun, and trunk motars.*

Highlight: See above for the XKR’s epic duel with Bond’s V12 Vanquish.


BMW 750iL

Current Price: *$10-15K*****

*Film: *Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Driver: *James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)*

Weapons & Modifications*: *Remote-controlled through cell phone, electric-charge security system, re-inflatable tires, bulletproof, under-carriage nail release, stinger missiles in sunroof.

Trivia: *Given to Bond by Q (John Cleese) in an AVIS rental depot.*

Image courtesy of Neiman-Marcus. *BMW Z3*

Current Price: *$10-15K*****

Film: Goldeneye (1995)

Driver:James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)**

*Weapons & Modifications: *Bullet-proof body, stinger missiles under the headlights, radar-tracking, self-destruct, & emergency parachute

Trivia: *One of the first non-British official vehicles for Bond to drive. Limited-edition version sold by Neiman-Marcus in their annual Christmas catalog.*


Image courtesy of Aston Martin.V12 VANQUISH

Current Price: *$80K*****

Film: *Die Another Day (2002)*

Driver: *James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)*

Weapons & Modifications*: *Grille rockets, dual automatic hood rifles below cooling vents, tire spikes, and seat ejection capabilities.

Trivia: *Color was matched to Bond’s original Aston Martin - the DB5 (below).See top video for this car’s epic duel with the Jaguar XKR on ice. *

Image courtesy of Sony Pictures/EON. *DB5*

Current Price: *$550K*****

Films: Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tommorow Never Dies, Casino Royale, & Skyfall.

Driver:James Bond (Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig)

*Weapons & Modifications: Revolving license plates, bulletproof shield, oil spray, radar, tire-slashers, grille machine guns, and seat-ejection capabilities. *

*Note: *The most famous of the Bond vehicles, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is an incredibly sentimental peice of history to fans the series and to auto admirers worldwide. First seen in Sean Connery’s Goldfinger, the DB5 serves as a connection to the legacy of both brands, to which Aston Martin has become well-known as Bond’s vehicle of choice. As the editors of Playboy Magazine recently stated, the original gun-laden DB5 was sold to a bid of $4.6 million; though, you can find a production variant for around $550, 000 if you so desire.

**Check out the original hand off of the vehicle in Goldfinger between Connery’s Bond and ‘Q’ below:* *