Who else woke up this morning to the silent furor over Fox’s announcement that the studio is moving forward with its Deadpool movie and thought, ‘Huh. I didn’t realize we were all waiting for this’?

Sure, I realize that Deadpool is (yet another) much beloved Marvel hero and that this project has been in discussion since the character debuted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Thinking back to that movie, I wonder if Fox shouldn’t instead be talking about a Sabretooth flick with Liev Schreiber reprising his role as Victor Creed.)

Wolverine’s Ryan Reynolds has not yet sealed a deal to play the part of the wisecracking masked avenger. And, though he probably will soon, remember that even his cracking wise couldn’t save Green Lantern. Reynolds’ mouth stars in a bit of Deadpool test footage that leaked earlier this year. The clip is out there on the web if you’re looking for it. Perhaps use it to temper your excitement.

All I’m saying is, haven’t we collectively reached a point where every superhero movie announcement is greeted with a suitably super-sized grain of salt? Or, no?