Frances Bean Cobain has the blood of two of the nineties’ most influential artists running through her veins. Now the 24-year-old rock progeny is looking to make her own dent in our cultural fabric.

Much like her father, the younger Cobain is a budding visual artist, and it looks like people are buying what she’s selling. Cobain held just her second gallery show—and her first in seven years—at Gallery 30 South in Pasadena recently, and sold all of her work in just a week.

But Cobain seems eager to prove that her success is based on talent and not her famous last name. The exhibition, which is called “Ghosts for Sale,” is the first she’s done under her given name. Her first show at Los Angeles’ La Luz de Jesus Gallery back in 2010 was held under the name Fiddle Tim, and it was only due to the efforts of an intrepid reporter from the Huffington Post that her true identity was ever revealed.

Now, Cobain is finally ready to show art under her own name as a way of taking “control of the narrative,” according to her gallery director Matt Kennedy. As for the art itself, Cobain has embraced the use of color to create large format whimsical works that have sold for anywhere between $1,200 and $4,500.

“I think what’s really great about this body of work that Frances has put together is that there’s a real confidence in the line and the mixed media,” Kennedy told Artnet. “I love the bold use of color. She seems to have an inherent capacity for composition and color theory.”

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Cobain’s mother, Courtney Love, spoke about the ways her daughter takes after her father. “She’s enigmatic like he was,” Love said. “She’s got a very dry, kind of, sick sense of humor that he had. I mean he had a really sick sense of humor, but dry.”

Love also talked about her daughter’s deep desire to carve out her own legacy, independent from that of her parents. “She won’t do anything until she does it on her own,” Love added. “She’s very stubborn that way.“

Check out some pieces for Cobain’s “Ghosts for Sale” show below.

The Joey Lawrence Wet Dream By Frances B Cobain. Someone want to lend me $4,500 so I can buy this?

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‘Limeade Extract’ by @space_witch666 / ‘Ghosts for Sale’ exhibition @gallery30south. #GhostsForSale #Hello

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