Every so often there’s a story in the news about a regular Joe asking a celebrity to attend an event with them. A lot of the times it’s soldiers asking them to attend the Marine Corps Ball, and they always say yes because otherwise they’d be a goddamn traitor to our nation. And they usually say no to the high school prom invitations because it would be somewhat unseemly if Ryan Reynolds showed up as a 17-year-old girl’s date. But for every story we hear of a celebrity going as a normal person’s date, there’s probably 5000 people who get rejected by them.

Well, this college guy ended up getting lucky with his celebrity date. Although he didn’t choose the traditional movie celebrity. Instead, he asked adult film star Cherry Morgan, and she actually said yes!

Patrick Goswitz is a brother at Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Tennessee. He messaged Cherry, who is from Knoxville, Tennessee, on Facebook to see if she’d attend his frat formal, and unbelievably she actually said yes. Obviously, he was quite the hit amongst his brothers.

This wasn’t even they’re big formal. It was actually a Parent’s Weekend event. So most of the brothers brought their date to meet their parents. Patrick’s parents weren’t in attendance, which certainly helps avoid a lot of awkward conversation regarding his date.

You can head over to Total Frat Move to read more details about the story. According to Patrick, she was “really nice and fun.” No word on whether or not she put her…“professional skills” to use.

Unfortunately, Patrick has now set a pretty high bar for himself at future events. If he doesn’t bring Mia Khalifa to the Spring Formal, he’s just going to disappoint all his friends.

Still, this is a pretty legendary move.

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Joseph Misulonas is the Girls co-editor for Playboy.com. He was a GDI in college. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.