Earlier this year, members of the Zeta Beta Tau chapter at the University of Florida were accused of spitting on war veterans and urinating on American flags. You know, frat stuff.

But after extensive investigations by the university, the fraternity’s national headquarters, and the Panama City Beach Police, no evidence was found to support the claims.

“Bad news travels faster than the speed of light,” Jared Blinderman, a member of the fraternity, wrote in The Washington Post. “We went from being anonymous college students to being the most hated fraternity in America over allegations that, to us, came completely out of left field.”

The accusations against the fraternity were made by Linda Cope, the founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat. After she chastised the frat via various media outlets, the young men received over 70 death threats and became social pariahs on campus.

Rather than defending the chapter, Blinderman claims his fraternity’s national headquarters hung his frat brothers out to dry.

“The university and ZBT forced our chapter to immediately issue a public apology to the woman who had accused us, effectively ending our ability to defend ourselves against these false allegations” Blinderman says. “We were comforted to know ZBT had hired an investigator and a public relations firm, only to later discover they were protecting ZBT, not us.”

And what does Linda Cope, the woman behind the accusations, have to say now that no evidence has been found to support her claims? According to the Washington Post, she’s refusing to comment.

Read Jared Blinderman’s op-ed here, along with ZBT’s rebuttal.

(Source: The Washington Post)