Frying turkey can take a Thanksgiving meal from good to great. It can also be an excellent way to earn a trip to the Emergency Room. Here’s a series of instances where turkey frying went wrong, with hilarious results.

1. What did you expect when you make your own fryer?

2. Let’s move it a little further from the garage next year

3. Who doesn’t enjoy eating Thanksgiving dinner barefoot?

4. Seriously, that pot was spewing more fire than Mt. Vesuvius

5. Huge Flames + Wood Deck = Great Idea

6. We’re gonna need a bigger pot

7. Seriously, do people not understand that wood is flammable?

8. Fire extinguishers are not entirely foolproof (or idiot-proof)

9. Remember to turn off the fryer when you’re done, otherwise this happens

10. They kind of deserved it for wearing shorts during the Holiday season

11. Hope you like your Turkey extra crispy

12. Want to know how wildfires start?

13. Even the professionals can get it wrong

14. Apparently they don’t cover turkey frying in firefighter school

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.