Let this story be a testament to the fact that no matter what, someone somewhere is binge-watching more Netflix than you can even imagine. This week, Friends superfan Jordan D'Amico made what must have been a startling discovery: In a season nine episode of the show called “The One With the Mugging,” Rachel is just randomly, inexplicably replaced by a woman who is not Jennifer Aniston.

D’Amico has gifted the Internet a crude animation of this earth-shattering revelation, below.

First, here is Jennifer Aniston, as expected:

But then, when the camera cuts back, it’s fake Jennifer Aniston!
It’s really just some random person. She’s not even wearing the same shirt!
And while we’re at it, there was a fake Courtney, too:
That’s not Courtney Cox.

One man on Twitter seems like he has all the answers:

Stand-ins are now visible in frame because of the HD switch from 4:3 to 16:9. Mystery solved; illusion still shattered forever.

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