“Everywhere you look, there’s a hand to hold onto, and a car which you can steal and run over random folks with.”

I might be misremembering the Full House theme song, thanks to YouTuber Merfish, who took the initiative and made a shot-for-shot recreation of the sitcom’s Season 4 opening credits in Grand Theft Auto V. And honestly, developer Rockstar should immediately take note and release a DLC where you can abandon your life of crime and actually just play this concept. In fact, a whole mess of playable GTA V TV shows, like this ’80s style one, would be awesome.

It might be a recreation, but the video does include a few editorial decisions on Merfish’s part. Like instead of a fun trolly ride, a number of people are struck and dragged underneath a subway car. Now that’s family friendly comedy!

And here’s a side-by-side comparison, because you asked so nicely.