When I was a kid, my brother and I found a classic tabletop Atari system stuffed at the bottom of my parents’ kitchen cabinet, which was sweet, but also weird for two reasons: One, Ataris didn’t belong in the kitchen, and two, my parents were way too old in their late 30s to have once played video games. It was an uncomfortable discovery on par with finding my dad’s high school yearbook from the 1970s, in which he sported a Gabe Kaplan-style afro and his buddies jotted down their memories of smoking pot at the Jersey Shore.

I’m not sharing this to blow up my dad’s spot, but to remind everyone how cool the Atari was—or more specifically, its flagship game, Pong. Pong is simple—it’s ping pong, but with shitty graphics—but because it was essentially the first video game, it’s still rightfully revered as the G.O.A.T. That’s why the Internet has gone nuts for a pricey, full-sized Pong table that uses magnets and motors to bounce the puck from side to side. See the video here:

The table’s creators have already exceeded their $250,000 goal on Kickstarter with more than two days to go, which means lots of dudes’ basements will soon be filled these expensive retro contraptions (expected retail price: $1,690). If you don’t feel like blowing your paycheck on a Pong table, you can find an old Atari for eBay for like $100—or you can rummage through your parents’ cabinets. You’re bound to find some weird shit in there.