Did you guys hear?! Princess Diana, Elvis and Lee Harvey Oswald are all lizard aliens that teamed up to fake the September 11th attacks on the moon and are now posing as The Jonas Brothers. Wild, I know. That’s not all. Check out these other conspiracy theories that Reddit users have unearthed:

1. Chinese government fund thousands of citizens a year to immigrate to western countries in order to drive slowly and delay us from getting to work on time and thus slowing down our economy.

2. Dinosaur bones were all planted here on Earth by the devil to test our faith in the bible/god.

3. The guy on the Outback Steakhouse commercials is not actually Australian.

4. That in another realm JFK launches nuclear weapons at the USSR, thus plunging the world into a nuclear apocalypse. When time travel was finally developed the CIA sent an agent back in time to kill JFK before he could launch the nukes.

5. That Woody and Buzz are in fact the names of Andy’s mom’s toys.

6. That rocks are actually soft and squishy - they just tense up when we touch them.

7. My dad seriously thinks that the government manipulates the weather so they can make money on a certain type of bread.

8. Lady Gaga is actually JonBenet Ramsey. I am utterly and completely enamored with this idea.

9. That the moon is a hoax. Not the moon landings – the moon itself.

10. That Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman are the same person.

11. Michelle Obama is Tupac in disguise

12. Chris Farley didn’t die he just became the mayor of Toronto.

13. I know a guy who doesn’t believe in dolphins. He puts them in a category with the Loch Ness monster and aliens.

14. One of my favorites is that Bob Ross was in prison while making his show. He always wore the same shirt and there was no background in the studio. The show ran for ten years because he had a ten-year sentence.

15. The tabs on bagged bread are actually NSA microphones used to bug people’s houses. They are specifically engineered to be lost and forgotten, effectively turning your kitchen/dining room into a surveillance hot-spot.

16. Macho Man Randy Savage died on the day the Mayan Calendar Ended. The world didn’t end because he went to heaven and power slammed Jesus.