As you might have imagined, you’re about the read a list of the 10 funniest musicians on Twitter (and presumably in real life.) This is a list of people who are intentionally funny, so don’t be thrown off by the lack of anyone named Kanye or Jaden.

Enjoy the funnies. And go follow these characters right now if you haven’t already.

10. St. Vincent

Annie Erin Clark is well known for diverging from The Polyphonic Spree and starting her own thing under the stage name St. Vincent, but she should be known for her hilarious tweets.

9. Jon Wurster (The Mountain Goats)

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jon is funny, seeing as he’s labeled a “humorist” and regularly appears on Tom Scharpling’s podcast The Best Show on WFMU.

8. Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is a busy woman. She’s the force behind The Dresden Dolls, has a successful solo career, and finds time to entertain us all with the wittiest of tweets.

7. Kyle Burns (Forever the Sickest Kids)

In a turn of events that’s just too fucking precious, it seems our #7 is actually dating our #3. I had no idea this was the case when making this list but I guess that’s what fate will do.

6. Mike Doughty

You might remember Mike Doughty from the band Soul Coughing. Well now he’s going it alone and along the way he’s dropping Twitter gems.

5. John Roderick (The Long Winters)

Fun fact: John Roderick was once a sluice box mucker for a gold mining outfit in his home state of Alaska. I’m guessing this helped him build the necessary character for a good Twitter feed.

4. El-P

What’s not to like about El-P? He’s a rapper, a producer, an entrepreneur, and a hilarious mofo.

3. Mindy White (States)

Mindy provides the soothing vocals for the indie rock band States and the hearty LOLs for the Internet website Twitter.

2. Mark Hoppus (Blink-182)

What’s a funny musician list without Mark Hopppus? Dog shit, that’s what.

1. Jason Isbell

I’d love to say I’m trying to start some kind of controversy by ranking Jason Isbell first, but he’s just the funniest musician I’ve come across. And I have the data to prove it:


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