Twitter can be a great source for up to the minute news on just about anything you can imagine, including all of your cousin’s check-ins at Arby’s. Why does he keep checking in there? Who eats that much Arby’s?

It’s also a fantastic way to keep a seemingly endless stream of hilarious jokes in your pocket at all times. If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, then you’ve been on Twitter for a while, odds are you’ve already found plenty of funny people you enjoy, but you can always use more, right? By no means are these the ONLY funny people on there and they’re not ranked by funniness; this is simply a handy guide to add some hilarious people to your timeline.

1. George Wallace
There is no one on earth better at comedy than George Wallace. Most of the legendary comedians have a bit of trouble translating their humor onto Twitter, but Wallace does it flawlessly.

2. Eli Terry
Some people are really funny online, but you just know they’re probably awful in real life. Eli seems like the kind of guy you could hang out with and probably not get murdered. That’s a huge plus in my book.

3. Amber Tozer
What’s great about Amber is that her jokes feel like she’s completely coming unhinged, but it’s in that way that we can all relate. That’s the work of a truly hilarious comedian.

4. Ch000ch
Sometimes it’s hard to hard to trust an owl wearing a suit, but this is the one exception I’m willing to make. He’s almost never not funny.

5. Brian Gaar
Brian is the guy that wouldn’t come out to play as a kid because he was playing through Metroid again to get the special ending. But it turns out that kid grew up to be one of the funniest joke tellers on the internet.

6. Boring As Heck
Stefan should be a required follow when you create a Twitter account. Even if you don’t want to stick around for his spot on jokes, just wait until the NFL season is about to start when he trolls fantasy football drafts every year. It’s a true work of art.

7. Ken Jennings
It’s almost not fair that someone as intelligent as the Jeopardy overlord could also be this funny. Maybe he’s just three tiny geniuses in a trench coat?

8. Marie Colette
Marie doesn’t write jokes you’d hear on a late night talk show. Her timeline reads like the old men in the balcony on The Muppets if they focused their comments on people who take themselves way too seriously. It’s simply wonderful.

9. Patrick Walsh
Patrick is ridiculously smart and funny. You’ll find yourself going to his page daily to read his latest observations and jokes. Plus, he’s one of the rare people that are funny enough to follow on Vine.

10. Demi Adejuyigbe
Demi will often send out elaborate jokes that go well beyond the typical one-liners you see on Twitter. He also works for @midnight so if your timeline gets flooded with hashtag games, blame him.

11. Murrman5
I don’t think he’s actually a bear waving a gun in the air while riding a shark, but at this point I wouldn’t be shocked. His absurdity is simply hilarious.

12. Eliza Bayne
If there is anything whatsoever going on in the news, you can guarantee that Eliza already has a brilliant joke written about it. She’s absolutely delightful.

13. Jason Miller
Jason doesn’t tweet constantly, but when your jokes are as funny as his, you don’t have to tweet a dozen times per day. Almost everything he posts is a homerun.

14. Peach Coffin
There are some people that write jokes because they feel like they have to or for some sort of validation. Then there are people like Paige that just feel like a fountain of humor in a truly magical way. She’s great.

15. Cee Joyner
If you’re tired of familiar joke formats and played out, predicable humor, this is the follow for you. Once you start reading his timeline, you probably won’t stop for quite a while.

16. Mary Charlene
At this point your timeline is almost invalid if you don’t have Mary in there. She’s a near constant flow of hilarity that anyone would love.

17. Lauren Ashley Bishop
Do you need a combination of hilarious jokes and an obsession with pugs? Your dreams have now come true!

18. Kumail Nanjiani
You’ve seen Kumail on just about every show in existence and yet he still finds time to be hilarious online. He has mastered taking the things you’d normally considered nerdy and making them the coolest things imaginable.

19. Molly Kats
Molly takes every single frustration you experience every day and spins them into absolute comedic gold. Plus I’m fairly certain her battle with her upstairs neighbor is going to end with bloodshed, so stay tuned for that.

20. Rob Fee
If you grew up on professional wrestling and movies like Home Alone, this is the account you’ve been looking for. Plus his sports jokes are some of the best out there.

21. Jacy Catlin
His jokes go to places that you never realized jokes could go. It’s a bizarre world that you’ll never want to leave.

22. Bridger Winegar
You’ve never seen anyone make comedy seem so effortless in the most brilliant ways. He can take something you’ve seen a thousand times and spin it in a way that will leave you crying laughing.

23. Robin McCauley
Robin is another one that won’t flood your timeline, but she’s so funny, it makes you impatiently look forward to each of her posts. She’s definitely one of the best.

24. Rad Milk
There is something beautifully absurd about the tweets of Rad Milk. Honestly it’s something you have to experience for yourself to really appreciate.

25. Charlene deGuzman
There’s a wit about Charlene that makes you feel comfortable while knowing you’re reading the worst of someone truly remarkable. She’s a breath of fresh air.

26. Brian Essbe
I honestly don’t understand how one person could write this many great jokes every single day. It’s like a work of art that we get to enjoy for free.

27. Steve Amiri
Not only does he post several near perfect jokes daily, he also live tweets almost every big event so he can turn the most boring awards show into something great.

28. Jake Weisman
Jake makes being miserable and unhappy completely hilarious. Isn’t that what we’re all hoping for? Plus, he loves cats so now you’re almost required to follow him.

29. Trevor S
It feels like you should be charged admission to follow Trevor. He ties in every form of media to create a whirlwind of brilliant content you’ll be happy is in your life.

30. Maggie Mull
People throw around the word perfect way too carelessly, but Maggie’s timeline may be the only thing that deserves such an illustrious adjective.