Most times, rules and laws are usually put in place to keep society from crumbling and descending into chaos. Other times, they are enacted because one rogue teacher with OCD doesn’t feel comfortable with kids wearing gloves in the winter. Here are just a few of our favorite items and behaviors that are prohibited in certain schools.

1. Tag Team strikes again!

In my middle school, they banned kids from saying “whoop, there it is.”

2. Can’t believe I never thought of this

Zip ties. People used to quietly and slowly zip tie people to their desks through their belt loops during class.

3. What about skipping?

They banned running at my elementary school. If you ran during recess, you’d be sitting on the bench for the rest of the break.

4. The first rule of Bathroom Fight Club…

Boxing gloves, because a couple of years ago, a few guys started a fight club in one of the bathroom stalls.

5. I thought it was because started eating them

Glue Sticks. There was a fad where people would throw glue sticks onto the ceilings all around the school. It became a big game about who can get one in the most bizarre place.

6. Best. Study. Hall. Ever.

Students weren’t allowed to use the elevator after a couple was caught having sex in it.

7. They really abided by the results of the challenge

Google. We have to use Bing. I don’t even know why.

8. Most stylish gangstas ever

They banned scarves in my high school because apparently the first year principal got the idea in her head that only gang members wear scarves.

9. I am Yoga Pants! I am Yoga Pants!

Yoga pants. Or so they tried. Me and a bunch of friends (we are all guys) got together and wore them to school the day that the ban was supposed to start. The administration seemed helplessly amused and were forced to lift the ban.

10. That Beaker’s always causing trouble

My high school banned the word MEEP. You know like from The Muppets? Teachers thought MEEP used to mean something else like something sexual.

11. Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been baked potatoes

Tater tots. Apparently people kept hiding them in their pockets.

12. Definitely sounds like something a stoner would do

Winter jackets. One day some idiot in biology class decides that it would be a good idea to zip his jacket all the way up over his nose, pull his arms inside it, and smoke a bowl inside his jacket in the back of class. Obviously everyone could smell it, and he got caught. The administration banned the wearing of any winter jackets in class due to the incident.

13. Makes sense

No capes.