Who wants to waste their time watching 15 minute YouTube productions only to laugh at one little joke made at the end? Not us. But we do love 10 second videos because they’re quick, witty and to the point. So, which videos are the funniest? Reddit users submitted their favorite videos under 10 seconds and we picked the best for you to laugh at over and over again.

18. Cat Does a Backflip

17. Champion Italian Prime Minister

16. Filling In, Due to Murder

15. I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

14. Did I Win?

13. I’m a Giraffe!

12. Oh My God

11. Way To Go, Paul

10. Wee!

9. Rapping Eggs

8. Technology!

7. Tourettes Guy Hits His Head

6. What the F*ck, Richard?

5. Cat Hits the Door

4. Nice, Ron

3. How the Bear Escaped Into the Woods

2. When Roosters Attack

1. Hey Ron, Hey Billy