“One last ride,” exclaims VIn Diesel’s Dom Toretto, gazing meaningfully into the eyes of Brian O'Connor – played by Paul Walker, who died in a tragic car accident a year ago this month. And even though that line comes after a frankly ridiculous prison-bus-assault-jailbreak-cliffhanger action scene, this is absolutely what this trailer is meant to conjure: manly frogs in manly throats.

Of course, this trailer also gives you everything you want from a Fast and the Furious movie: drag races, ethnic hip-hop, booty shorts, girls in booty shorts, girls in booty shorts starting drag races, problems that can only be solved by winning drag races started by girls in booty shorts, Dwayne Johnson flexing all of the muscles, Ludacris getting paid so he can afford another Ludacrismas…the addition of Jason Statham is just a bald cherry atop an already delicious flan.

Yeah, the boys are back for one last ride. As it ever was. Ridiculous and amazing.

Marc Bernardin is the Deputy Editor of Playboy.com. He will absolutely pour one out for Sung Kang’s Han.