Future’s “Mask Off” is the kind of instant classic that only an artist like him can provide. Maybe it’s the Metro Boomin beat or maybe it’s Future’s signature mealymouthed flow but we can’t get enough of the song. The flute sample should be beamed into space so aliens know how we get down. If you heard that flute, would you want to wipe that civilization off the face of the galaxy? No, me neither.

The “Mask Off” meme videos alone are a sub-genre that bears spending a little bit of time exploring. They follow a simple pattern. There’s a flute. Then the beat drops and everyone goes dummy. Look.

The official video for “Mask Off,” directed by Colin Tilley, isn’t as good as the meme videos. I’m sorry but it’s true, though to be fair: it never really stood a chance. It does feature Amber Rose wearing a mask of thorns and a bunch of rioters. The keystone shot sees Future standing on a check cashing place, watching as the city burns around him. As videos go, it’s fine. It evokes events like the Ferguson riots and last summer’s massive racial unrest, or even Mad Max. I’m not really sure if it’s commenting on those things or if it’s just showing off Future and Amber Rose cruising around in a big body sedan looking cool as shit. Sometimes that’s all a music video has to be.

Also, the song goes insanely hard.

Fuck it, mask off. Watch below.