If the glowing early buzz is any harbinger of things to come, Wonder Woman is going to be a box office smash when it storms into theaters next weekend. So when it comes time for the inevitable sequel, who will play her token sidekick? Based on his spirited audition below, we’d say Conan O’Brien has the inside track.

Though superhero sidekicks should typically be shorter than their counterparts, it’s hard to imagine a Wonder Woman follow up without the 6’4" late night host by her side. This, after O’Brien went toe-to-toe with the film’s star, Gal Gadot and her trainer, Ruda Vrba, in a hilarious workout session that aired Thursday.

“I think you will be shocked what this can do,” O’Brien said of his spindly frame. From there, the late night host showed off his unique set of dance skills, and his sword fighting ability. “We’ve been doing this a very short time. Would you say that already I’m making incredible progress?” O’Brien asked Vrba.

“No,” she said.

And she wasn’t wrong. O’Brien looked especially outmatched next to the finely tuned specimen that is Gadot. The Israeli-born actress spent two years in Israel’s military and trained extensively for the role of Wonder Woman. In other words, Conan never stood a chance. Watch below.