If last week’s episode of Game of Thrones felt quieter and more considered than what we’ve come to expect from this breakneck seventh season, there’s a perfectly good explanation for that. Each season of GoT follows a very specific pattern n terms of episode plotting. As we’ve come to learn, the penultimate episode is usually the most brutal and action-packed, while the episode leading up to it serves as connective tissue, a way for the writers to move the chess pieces in exactly the right places before the season’s de facto climax.

So if “Eastwatch” was the connective tissue, that would make this week’s episode the big bang. The once rumored title “Death is The Enemy,” is actually now “Beyond the Wall,” which tells us everything we need to know about what’s to come. When we last saw Westeros’ version of the Avengers, they were bravely marching into the great unknown with the hopes of capturing a single wight to bring back to King’s Landing. But based on the episode’s blistering teaser, there’s going to be a lot more than a single wight waiting to greet our heroes.

HBO has released a new set of photos from the episode confirming that most of the action will center around Jon Snow’s suicide mission. But we also get glimpses of action that takes place all over the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion and Daenerys go on a leisurely stroll on the cliffs of Dragonstone to discuss why there are two giant dragons staring at them; Sansa and Arya continue their power struggle over who gets the remote control; and Brienne takes some time off from kicking Pod’s ass to furrow her brow in concern while Sansa learns that she didn’t get into Maester U.

But as expected, most of the images show Jon Snow, Tormund, Jorah, Beric, Thoros of Myr, Gendry, and the Hound getting ready to engage with the Night King and his army of the dead. And to prove that they’re not messing around, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have enlisted the directing services of Alan Taylor, who’s behind some of the show’s most iconic episodes including “Baelor” a.k.a “the one where Ned Stark dies.” Taylor hasn’t directed since season two, but expect him to put a blockbuster stamp on this mammoth 70-minute episode. Check out the photos below.

Suicide Squad ❄️

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