A 16-year-old programmer managed to sneak a 45-second prank of a game onto PC game portal Steam, demonstrating a loophole that apparently no one at Valve, the company behind the portal, would address.

As Kotaku reports, Ruby Nealon created “Watch Paint Dry: The Game,” and managed to slip it onto Steam without anyone at Valve having any idea. He did so, he said, because he’s tried and failed multiple times to get Valve to pay attention to a vulnerability he discovered in Steamworks, a set of tools Valve gives out to Steam developers to ready their products to be sold. Using a copy of Steamworks he’d attained, Nealon slipped a game about literally staring at a wall onto the most popular PC game store on the planet.

The whole trick is chronicled in a Medium post Nealon made about the process. Valve has since revoked Nealon’s developer account, it seems, and is likely taking the prank to heart to fix these sorts of loopholes. But we’ll always know that, at least briefly, watching paint dry has now officially been a video game feature, thanks to one kid’s programming skills.