As many of you know, football season just kicked off. And while it might be a bit of a stretch to say that the union between football and fashion has always been seamless (sorry, Joe Namath), that’s no reason to show up to the big game dressed like a schlub.

Before you read further, we highly recommend that you do a thorough closet edit and donate or trash any sports memorabilia that has stains, holes or bad karma. If you’re sentimental about a certain rally cap or good luck hoodie, you can keep it. Anything else (especially stuff that doesn’t fit any more) needs to go!

The good news is that buying fresh stuff will be fun, because luxe hoodies, cozy sweats and other upmarket, casual pieces are all now part of a well-curated wardrobe. Like always, it’s all about shopping for pieces that will look just as fly at a sports bar as they will in the club. Join us as we lead you, our sartorial teammates, to five sports-inspired investment pieces you will definitely want to rock during the off-season as well.

This fall, it’s all about scoring extra points by rocking an old-school satin jacket. Nothing will ever top a vintage NWA-approved Raiders Starter jacket but those bad boys can command quite a lot on eBay these days. Instead, look to get a brand new one from Majestic, which has been turning out stadium-ready uniforms and team jackets since 1976. Paired with some fitted back jeans and a pair of Jordans, this is retro hip-hop chic at its finest.

Sports and sweatpants have long been cozy bedfellows. If you’re going to invest in some comfy sweatpants, why not go all in and cop a pair in glorious Loro Piana cashmere? Sure, you might want to think twice before tucking into that greasy concession stand cheeseburger without a napkin on your lap (probably a good thing) but the benefits of having some truly luxe joggers will far outweigh any small-time drawbacks. Bonus tip: If you’re planning on doing any traveling soon, these are perfect for flying like a boss.

Step up your hoodie game by trading in your old crusty zip-up for a sleek, adult version. To add some extra polish, we recommend copping a crisp graphic print hoodie from our very own Playboy boutique. For a very on-trend look, try rocking yours a little bit oversized. In addition to creating a bit of visual interest when worn with fitted pants, a looser fit also offers a slightly wider underarm area, which will make raising your arms to celebrate that 51-yard field goal all that much easier.

Assuming your bros are not total savages, you’re definitely going to need to take off your shoes when you enter your homie’s castle to watch the big game. Rather than subjecting your fellow fan to your ripe old socks, invest in some new textured slub socks so you can go shoeless with zero worries. A slub sock’s slightly thicker texture will protect you from any Dorito shards, and as an extra bonus, after the game you can also wear them to pad out any boots or shoes that are slightly too big on you.

Instead of breaking wind at the stadium, which no one will appreciate, why not wear a dope color-blocked windbreaker, which will definitely win you more fans. Color-blocking is a really basic and accessible way to add some visual pizazz to your look, as it breaks your silhouette up into a variety of interesting little shapes. If a bold colorway is too much for you to tackle, can always tone it down with a more understated piece that features various shades of blue, black or grey.