If you caught the season finale of Game of Thrones on Sunday, you’ll know that things aren’t all quiet on the northern front of the Seven Kingdoms. With the fortuitous appearance of a freshly murdered dragon among their ranks, the army of the dead handily breached The Wall that’s kept them at bay for centuries. And now they, along with their steadfastly humorless Night King, are ready to make a meal of the back-biting factions of humans who are still alive and kicking to the south.

With the possibility of a radical reordering of the living’s dominance over the dead looming in the near future, perhaps now is the time to start speculating on Westerosi real estate. That’s what Homes.com is banking on, at least, with its interactive Game of Thrones castle map called “Game of Homes.” (Never mind the fact that if the denizens of Westeros had internet access they might’ve quickly figured out how to kill White Walkers, learned of Jon Snow’s true lineage, and ascertained the diminishing returns on burning children at the stake–and saved on ravens, to boot.)

And surprisingly, the hot markets aren’t even those furthest from the impending carnage. Homes.com lists Craster’s Keep at $120,000, and the Dreadfort—Ramsay Bolton’s go-to spot for indulging in torture and sadism—at a cool $250,000. Assuming you can qualify for a mortgage (does the Iron Bank offer decent rates on financing in this kind of wintry financial climate?), you’re still looking at a $1,400 monthly payment. Stiff prices for the still-breathing.

Several occupied properties are also on offer, including the Red Keep ($350,000), Seastone ($300,000), and Dragonstone ($350,000). Looking for a fixer-upper in an up-and-coming neighborhood? Bring your architect to the Dothraki Sea ($200,000) and be prepared to haggle over the exchange rate for stallion hearts.

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