It’s been three days since Game of Thrones’ mammoth season seven finale, yet here we are, still trying to sort through the debris and make sense of what we all saw.

One of the more eyebrow-raising scenes occurred when Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally consummated their relationship with a very naked, very late night boat booty call (boaty call?). As if the whole incest thing hadn’t complicated matters enough, watching Tyrion as he lurked outside the quarters with a look of contempt made us wonder: Was he the latest in a long line of men to have fallen in love with the Queen of Dragons? Or, was he lamenting the fact that Jon Snow—whose status as the “other” in Westeros was something that Tyrion could relate to—had crossed a line he can’t come back from?

Some fans believe the moment was meant to signal the start of Tyron’s eventual betrayal of Dany, one that began in earnest earlier in the episode, when he discovered that his sister Cersei is pregnant. Remember, Tyrion still has great affection for Jamie and has always loved his nephews, and Dany’s ascension to the throne likely means the death of all Lannisters, born or unborn.

Could Tyrion be in on Cersei’s fake-out? That might explain why he looked so pained while watching the birth of a romance between two people he cares so deeply for. He knew it won’t last. But according to Jeremy Podeswa, who directed the supersized episode, none of those scenarios hold any weight. What it all comes down to, Podeswa says, is that love and war just don’t mix.

“That moment, for me, was…really about Tyrion having witnessed what he witnessed this year, having a great deal of concern about what the consequences of this might be in the future,“ he told Mashable. "There was a previous understanding of what the alliance between all these parties was about, and now that’s complicated by the fact that there’s a more intimate relationship we see [between] two of the key players in this alliance, one of whom is the person he’s really devoted his life to at this point: Daenerys.”

Podeswa went on to explain that Tyrion has always been “three steps ahead” of everyone, so it makes sense that he foresees this new romance ending poorly. “As long as there is a professional alliance between Dany and Jon, that’s something that everybody wants,” he told the New York Times. “We can imagine that that’s a helpful alliance. But when things get personal, then people make decisions based on their emotions, and that can complicate matters going forward, so I think he sees the potential here for things to get very messy.“

Unfortunately, Game of Thrones likely won’t return until 2019, which means we can have Jon and Dany exist in that post-coital glow until then.