Last night saw Game of Thrones hit the brakes on its breakneck season to set up what should be an explosive final two episodes. But that doesn’t mean that “Eastwatch” wasn’t packed with powerful moments, touching reunions and juicy revelations. Here’s what’s on our mind after watching “Eastwatch”.

Why is the scroll Arya finds in Littlefinger’s room so important?
Because it ratchets up the tension in Arya and Sansa’s already fragile relationship. Sansa wrote the letter asking her brother Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey back in season one because Cersei threatened to kill her if she didn’t. But Arya doesn’t know that, which means she’ll have even more reason to question her sister’s true motives moving forward. Of course, this is all a part of Littlefinger’s master plan to create a rift between the two sisters, because chaos is a ladder that he’s all too willing to climb.

What does Gilly’s discovery mean?
The former wildling pretty much stumbled on one of the show’s biggest revelations to date, when she discovered that Rhaegar Targaryen actually had his first marriage annulled and then got secretly hitched to someone else. It’s safe to assume that his clandestine bride was Lyanna Stark—a.k.a. Jon Snow’s mama—which would make Jon the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. Just don’t tell Dany.

Is Cersei really pregnant?
She’s been known to bend the truth if it means advancing her cause, so lying to her twin brother/lover about their unborn child in order to solidify his allegiance to her is definitely not beneath her. Then again, this is the same woman who murdered hundreds of innocent people just to eliminate a few of her enemies so really, what is?

What does Gendry’s return mean going forward?
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ decision to finally bring back our second favorite bastard could have been fan service, or it could have serious ramifications on the plot. Remember, Jon and Gendry’s fathers fought in great battles together (and won), so perhaps their progeny will forge a similar winning alliance in the wars to come.

What can we expect in next week’s episode?
White Walkers, White Walkers and more White Walkers, duh.