It’s possible you didn’t notice, but over the course of the last five years the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones has pretty much taken over the world. Fans adore its stories of scheming, murder, and dragons, and HBO’s marketing team has churned out everything from action figures to decorative coasters to board games to please consumers. The show’s also generated an insane amount of fan art, so much so that stock photo company Shutterstock got in the game.

Two years ago, Shutterstock launched “Game of Brands,” a fun effort to take all of the Game of Thrones “Houses” (noble families that rule various lands) and transform them into modern corporations. House Lannister, for example, with all its gold, is an investment group in modern times, while House Stark, constantly aware that Winter Is Coming, is an all-weather apparel company.

House Greyjoy, with its island culture, runs a cruise line.

House Arryn, which is a smaller house that has major ties to the entire realm, runs a mobile company.

And then there’s House Baratheon, which is a security firm, although I always thought that Robert Baratheon would be more likely to open up a chain of premium liquor stores.

The idea goes all the way back to 2013, but Shutterstock has continued to update it with brand ideas for houses like Martell and Tyrell. To see the full gallery, head over to their website.

As a fan of the show, I have to say I can’t wait for the photos advertising House Bolton’s new chain of meat markets.